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Your network is one of your most precious resources. Every day the life of your business flows through every segment of the network. That's why congestion, traffic loss, and unpredictable usage costs more than just performance -- it costs money.

A recent study by the Aberdeen group showed that over 40% of the data traffic on corporate networks is 'recreational' traffic, i.e. social networking, YouTube and downloads. Having no visibility of this can hurt every company!

Application Visibility Services (AVS) from White Label Solutions has been designed with exactly this need in mind. By leveraging your existing Wide Area Network investments, AVS provides predictable application performance, while simultaneously reducing network operation costs. By employing advanced network analysis, performance trending, and service level monitoring, the AVS service enables you to achieve the maximum return from your WAN infrastructure.

Control Your Application Performance and Service Levels

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These days IT executives and network support teams are under increasing pressure to make better use of existing resources, while simultaneously increasing end-user performance experience. Monitoring service levels has given way to controlling service levels. By programming intelligent infrastructure components to adapt to changing patterns of use, modern IT managers know about performance problems long before they occur, control the traffic based on business policies and avoid traffic jams and business outages.

That's why AVS is based on the centralized non-intrusive application performance appliance. By mapping performance, speed, capacity, and availability information from adaptable infrastructure components to actual business services, AVS empowers service managers and IT staff alike to ensure that resources are always available when they're needed.

Application Performance Monitoring: creating a new landscape

AVS Throughput

AVS maps application performance information from IT components in your network to your business services, so that you can set and enforce business-level policies for your network infrastructure.

AVS takes a load off your mind. By integrating expert network traffic management knowledge, an overview of your infrastructure, and service level targets set by you, AVS automatically monitors and predicts major service failures before they occur. By utilizing this information you will be able to tune, upgrade, or re-allocate network resources in order to support service excellence, instead of having to put out network fires after they occur. Deploying state of the art, Software as a Service techniques enables us to deploy an appliance solutions within a few hours. Activation will result in immediate insights into the application landscape of your network infrastructure and becomes more granular as time evolves.

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