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WLSI specializes in giving you security and peace of mind for your facility. Staff and residents will feel secure We stand behind our products and we will provide the best customer service possible. For any technical issues or questions, consult with our local distributor in your area or contact our Technical Support.

Diverse product line with industry-leading technologies

  1. Digital Surveillance Systems ranging from the cost-effective 20 fps to the leading-edge 480 fps models, choices ranging from BNC to D-Sub, built-in to standalone I/O modules
  2. Continuous improvement of S/W, H/W compression technology to keep competition edge
  3. IP surveillance product line
  4. Integration of IT technology into surveillance system
  5. Video analysis features for surveillance system
  6. Digital Surveillance Systems with expandable supports to POS, Central Monitoring Station
  7. License Plate Recognition Systems
  8. Access control system
  9. A complete lineup of security accessories that help security professionals to deliver customized services to users

World-Class R&D Team

  1. Years of accumulated digital surveillance system design experience
  2. Top Application, H/W, Driver, Image compression, Image recognition and Internet solution team
  3. Top quality testing

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