We Focus On Your IT So You Can Focus On Your Business

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White Label Mission

We are a service management company that provides innovative and cost effective solutions to the Systems Integrator community, specifically targeted at medium and enterprise sized businesses. We are purpose built to ensure cost effective delivery of a full suite of White Label Services including Managed Services and Smart Hands across Canada.

  • Improving Productivity and Competitiveness
  • Vendor Consolidation and Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Managed Services and Smart Hands across Canada
  • We Focus On Your IT So You Can Focus On Your Business

  • Many Canadian businesses are maintaining telephony systems that are approaching end-of-life and are looking for a solid business reason to enter into the next evolution of communications.
  • Unified Communications is a systems-based approach to unifying telephony, instant messaging, presence, and conferencing.
  • Presence is key term when controlling the multiple form of real time and non real time forms of communication.
  • With an increasingly mobile workforce, businesses and work groups are rarely centralized in one location. Unified communications facilitates this on-the-go, always-available style of communication that help individuals and workgroups communicate efficiently.

  • One major challenge that many Canadian Businesses face is changing from the reactive break-fix model to which they are accustomed into the new proactive managed services model.
  • Proactive network monitoring and notification allows business to avoid 80% of significant system failures by providing the tools to view and manage network devices and possible points of failure in advance.
  • Managed services allows organizations to focus IT resources into strategic business enabling applications while not sacrificing uptime and system performance.
  • Implementing managed Services will enable IT resources to cross from a necessary cost to a Strategic business driver.

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